Redlands Bicycle Classic 2014 Stage 1

With nearly 20 years in the sport, Jet Fuel Coffee has become synonymous with cycling in Canada. We have been a stepping-stone for many of Canada’s top cyclists, including Olympians Zack Bell and Domenic Rollin, as well as National Champions Andrew Randell, Ryan Roth and Daniele deFranceschi.

In 1999 Jet Fuel Coffee was the first Canadian team to go UCI Pro. But after 5 years as Canada’s only UCI pro team, in 2006 Jet Fuel reorganized to focus on building local youth development with a goal to promote young riders to international competition.
Jet Fuel has consistently fielded one of the country’s best rosters. We’ve been national champion on both the road and the track – and 4 time provincial champion in Ontario.

Based in Toronto, our core program is built around Canada Cup and NRC races, giving young riders access to top-level racing across Canada and the US. As the city gears up to host the Pan Am Games in 2015, the team is ramping up our track program to take advantage of a world class velodrome in near-by Milton, which promises to be one of the best new sporting facilities in North America.